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Drivestory (GoDrivestory.com), defined as “Drivestory”, “the provider”, “service provider”, “we”, “us”, “the company”, “rental provider”, “partner” is an online car rental service, application and company that allows individuals to rent vehicles from different rental companies worldwide. We are not legally affiliated with any transportation or travel related companies or services, but just providing software as a service-solutions for facilitating easier car rentals.

We understand the importance of your privacy, and works to protect it in the best way possible. These terms of use & privacy policy terms describes in detail how we collect, use and share your personal information when using our services. We strongly recommend and encourage you to read through these terms of service, as you indicate your understanding and acceptance of these terms by using our online services. This website provides different types of services, where each of these may have additional terms and conditions that apply. They may also have details specific to them; therefore, it is important that you read each document carefully before using or relying on any of our services.

In the following terms, we will explain our data usage and terms for the booking process in detail. These terms are not exclusive nor standalone, and applies in addition to each car rental company’s own terms of booking. We will define us, the service provider, as “Drivestory”, “the provider”, “service provider”, “we”, “us”, “the company”, “software provider”, “rental provider”, “partner”. You will be referred to as “you”, “the driver”, “car renter”, “rentee”. To use our services, you generally have to be at least 18 years old, and hold a valid driving licence in the country you are browsing or booking cars. We will assume that you are the main driver of the car, therefore these terms will be directly referred to “you” as “the driver”. If you are booking a car on behalf of someone else, this term applies to the driver.

Who is responsible for data collection and processing?

Bowii AS (registered in Norway) is responsible for the data collection and processing of your personal information when you use our services. For the booking engine, ETrawler Unlimited Company (CarTrawler), registered in Ireland, is responsible for data collection and processing of your booking information. You may withdraw your consent given to us, with effect for the future, any time. Withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of any processing we conducted prior to withdrawal. If you would like to withdraw your consent, please stop using our service immediately and cancel all future bookings.

Storage of information & service usage

Information you might give to us, or the information you might provide us when booking a rental car is saved in our systems and databases to provide you the best possible customer experience. Information given to us while ordering, booking, altering or cancelling a car rental, might be processed by CarTrawler, together with the car rental company affiliated with the booking and their subprocessors. You might find and read CarTrawler’s terms of usage at their web page. Information that is given to us while using our webpage, such as joining Frequenter, might be stored and handled directly by us to provide you the best possible customer experience.

Information we might store and process:

Your contact information (name, phone number, email, address etc.)
Personal information (details of who is using the service)
Details about your current location, IP/MAC address and other preferences
Details collected when searching for a car, such as your destination of departure, arrival, dates, additional drivers, car preferences etc.
Information about selected insurance and additional services
Previous and future bookings, including rental partner bookings
Information affiliated with newsletters and digital marketing
Pixel beacons to provide you better marketing and retargeting

We might also collect additional information through our webpage to make your user experience more seamless (such as location, operating system, screen size etc). These datas (such as actions and locations) might change from time to time, and might be presented for marketing purposes in an anonymous form (example: Peter from Montreal booked a SUV). Your continued use of this site after such changes constitutes your acceptance of these modified terms. As a result, we recommend that you check back regularly. These terms

Why are we collecting this information?

We are collecting and using your information to provide you a seamless customer experience, deliver our service as it is meant to be delivered, and to provide you with the best car rentals in your preferred area. Your information might also be used to suggest relevant additional services (addons) which might be relevant for your trip, such as hotels and flights. We could also use your information to provide us better estimates and stats, not linked directly to you. Additional terms for specific service providers are out of scope in this general TOS document, therefore, you should read each car rental company’s policy carefully before booking a car.

If we receive information that alleges someone has used our services to break the law (i.e., if cars weren’t returned after repeated failed attempts), we may share all relevant facts with the different rental companies and necessary authorities. We may also share relevant information to different authorities, such as the police if illegal activities might result in a criminal investigation.

We use cookies and similar technologies (e.g. pixel tags, web beacons) to provide you with more personalized services and products on our webpage and on third party webpages we advertise. By using these tools we can improve your experience when visiting us by e.g. providing better search results and displaying more relevant advertisements. More information about cookies follows below.

Terms for marketing & Drivestory Frequenter Club

If you consent to receive marketing from us by booking a car or consenting to this via an e-mail or digital request from us, eventually via our Drivestory Frequenter, you might receive marketing activities via e-mail, text messaging or personal calls. Our marketing activities might be personalized to you, with your name, car rental, destination and offers from our partners and rental companies. We are working to keep our marketing activities as relevant as possible, however you are always free to unsubcribe by contacting us directly or clicking the unsubscribe link in the newsletter. This will have an immediate effect.

If you have contacted our partners through our service or booked a car in our booking engine, their partners marketing terms will apply outside of our terms. If you have questions regarding marketing activities from specific rental companies, these has to be addressed directly to the car rental partner and not to us.


Our services are using cookies, which is a common technology that stores small text files directly on your computer. Our cookies are containing unreadable and encrypted information which helps us deliver information, which gives us the right information in return, making our service work as smooth as possible.

Cookies do not include personally identifiable information, but they may be used for anonymous statistics collection, date of your last visit, or overview of your usage pattern on our websites. By using our website, you agree to use cookies. You may withdraw your permission at any time and delete cookies from your browser.

We are using Google Analytics & Hotjar to collect and analyze your usage information of these services. These companies will send, collect and store cookies directly in your browser. You are always free to deactivate these functions directly by clicking here and here, and to send a DNT-request (do not track) to Hotjar by clicking here. From 2022, cookies are slowly discontinued in the usage of our services. We will follow the regulations set for the cookie laws and stop using cookies the day the technology reaches EOL.

Storage of your personal information

Personal information is always stored according to law, with your privacy in mind. Your information is always saved for as long as needed, and then deleted from our system. Different car rental partners are having their own terms for data storage, based on the localization of their company. The responsibility of storing data falls on the different partners, together with the main data responsible which is CarTrawler.

Your personal information may be transferred to countries that different from the country where you reside or from which you made your first booking. This is done in order to provide a better service as well as comply with any applicable law. In such cases, we take additional steps to ensure that all legal requirements are met. By using our services, you consent to the transfer of your information within Drivestory’s group, holding companies, ownership companies and marketing partners. We are committed to protect your information, therefore we are using technical and procedural means to ensure that unauthorized external access is limited, including encryptment, 2FA solutions and professional firewalls.

Your rights

You have the right to ask us for access to all your personal data we store. You can also ask for a copy of this. We’re always willing to take a look at how we process your data if you believe that it might not be correct or relevant anymore. If you wish yourself out of our Frequenter Club, please let us know and we will delete your personal information from our system within 30 days after receiving such request; however, we might keep track of some non-personal information and user activity (e.g., cars rented) in order provide statistical insights and fight fraud.

We will not share your personal information with external companies which don’t need your information, unless you give prior consent. However, this might happen per request from authorities, public courts or other official authorities, as a result of a court order or other lawful reasons to require your information, such as debt collection agencies or other partners helping us fight fraud. Other than this, your information will be shared with CarTrawler and their partners.

About renting a car with us

When you are renting a car from Drivestory or ETrawler Unlimited Company, you will make an agreement directly with the car rental provider. Drivestory and ETrawler is just responsible for the data and information provided to you in this online service, and has no responsibilities neither practically or economically for any rentals booked through our engine. Bookings could easily be adjusted and/or changed by clicking the button in our menu. We will, with our best intentions, help you with changing and altering bookings for as long as possible, eventually refer you to directly to the right contact point.

If you have a claim, refund request or any other economical issues, these has to be referred directly to the rental station and/or car rental company which holds the booking. Drivestory and Bowii AS do not handle any economical issues, and has under no circumstance any economical obligations.

Other information

These terms of use takes effect from 2022-05-01. We may change this privacy statement and terms of use at any time if this is deemed necessary, our practices change or laws and regulations change and make changes necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your use of this service, please email privacy@godrivestory.com.

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